Alba Raquel Barros

Alba is an award-winning and multi-talented actress, best known for her work in several popular telenovelas, including “Yo Se Que Mentía,” “Barrio Cuatro Calles,” “Tres Destinos” and “Ángel Rebelde.” She started her career in the theater, but has also excelled in film, working on local films such as “Nicolás y los demás” and “Héroes de Otra Patria,” as well as in international projects like “Hemingway” and “Second Honeymoon.”

A veteran performer, Alba had no problems adjusting to our unique style, and managed to impart great vigor to her role. Curiously, while sitting at lunch one day across from fellow actor César “TNT” Farrait, they came to realize Alba had once been César’s babysitter. It was great to see the affection that they still held for each other, even after their careers had steered them appart.  We were very lucky to have Alba as part of our cast, and we can only hope to do it again soon.